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Saffron Extract

Saffron Family Spain, S.L.

Saffron Extract
Saffron Family ®

Since its origins, Saffron Family Spain, S.L. has been dedicated to study the world of Saffron, being able to know more about its properties, composition, alternative forms…discovering something new daily about this unique and special spice.
We are the first company in the world to develop a method to extract the most important characteristics of Saffron: color, flavor and aroma. Thanks to that process, a more long-lasting, soluble, efficient and more economical powder product is obtained than the King of the Spices. Under the name Saffron Color®, which has International Patent PCT in 92 countries, we commercialize this product while being the only distributors worldwide.
Saffron extract is obtained thanks to the extraction of the characteristics of saffron threads and subsequent drying in a totally natural way. Thanks to this process we can obtain an alternative product known as “red gold” which is more affordable but which keeps it essence and values in the kitchen.

Extract Saffron Color ®

Our saffron extract keeps all the beneficial properties of the traditional Saffron. The process which it goes through even provides it with ideal properties for certain uses, above all in the culinary world. It is a product free from gluten and GMO, which resists boiling and freezing processes, ascorbic-acids resistant, which means it is not affected by pH, rich in B2 and antioxidant, water-soluble even at low temperatures and above all long-lasting, being able to use it up to two years after its fabrication. It is stable at normal storage and use conditions.
During the transformation process, the impermeable exterior layer of the Saffron thread is eliminated, which allows for transmitting the characteristics immediately. Thanks to that, saffron extract turns into an efficient and quality ingredient mainly because of the solubility property which it acquires during this particular process.
Saffron extract is also a product which brings the professional user a greater economical value compared to the saffron threads, allowing him/her to better commercialize its use with similar quality and values to all his/her clients.

Saffron Family® Extract

Values chemical ingredients
Crocin (color) 130 +/- 2 units
Picocrocin ( flavor ) 35 +/- 2 units
Safranal (aroma) 30 +/- 2 units

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