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Saffron Family Spain, S.L.


Thanks to our broad experience in the world of Saffron we have been able to know every element by which it is composed.
One of the most significant characteristics and properties of Saffron is its color. Its application as colorant has been a reality since it was discovered. Buddhists used Saffron to dye their clothing and Persians already used it as food colorant.
As its expansion grew all around the planet, its uses and knowledge increased, above all its function as colorant.

Our Colorant
The value of a yellow natural colorant with clean label

In Saffron Family Spain, S.L. we saw the necessity to create a byproduct from Saffron which was especially dedicated to its function as a colorant. Its application is indicated in the food industry, as a natural yellow food colorant (clean label), providing added value and increasing the value proposal to the final product.
Furthermore, as the other natural extract that we commercialize under our own international brand Saffron Color®, this food colorant has optimal characteristics which increase its uses in the kitchen. Totally natural, gluten free, boiling and freezing processes resistant, not affected by the pH, rich in B2 and antioxidants, long-lasting and water-soluble, even at low temperature.
This food colorant is a perfect substitute of Saffron when being used as colorant since it is more economical and long-lasting. It is common to see its yellow color in Spanish dishes as paellas, Fideuás, consommés, soups and other. It is also common to see it in pastry-making, infusions, soft-drinks, cold-cuts, shakes, pharmacology…
Without leaving traces or wastes in the final product, the food colorant Saffron Color® is an excellent alternative to other artificial food colorants. All the properties of this product turn it into possibly the best natural yellow colorant in the market at a very competitive price. It is even more economical than other synthetic colorants.

Saffron Color® Yellow colorant

Values of chemical ingredients
Crocin (color) 8 +/- 1 units
Picocrocin ( flavor ) NO VALUE
Safranal (aroma) NO VALUE


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