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About us

Saffron Family Spain, S.L.

Saffron Family Spain, S.L. is a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of Saffron and its natural extracts.

Based in Malaga, Spain, we belong to a business group whose parent-company was founded in 1994. After more than 20 years of experience we perfectly know the whole process that is carried out in order to produce, commercialize and distribute the so-called “red gold”: a product well-known and used in the whole world with benefits and a variety of uses that have been revered throughout history.

In Saffron Family Spain, S.L we have passed on the skills and our broad knowledge of the production and commercialization of Saffron from generation to generation. Without losing the essence of the past, we have adapted to the new technologies, the new ways of life, the new trends, the new markets, where everything is important when producing and commercializing any kind of product.

Formed by a young, dynamic and professional team we are able to prepare high volume orders in short periods of time. The combination of experience and training in national and international trade allows us to have a logistics department of excellent service.

We have the ability to manage comprehensive shipments, carrying out all the documentation and required logistics guaranteeing 100% the agreed delivery period. A distinguishing value, thanks to which, we have become the undisputed leaders in the distribution of Saffron and its natural extracts, meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients.

We have our own R&D department equipped with the best technology so we can continue training ourselves and improving all that the Saffron world includes. We have the best laboratory of plants extraction and we work with the most recognized experts in the field.

Our goal: to optimize daily the production and commercialization of Saffron. This department is mainly focused on improving the product efficiency and reducing the production costs in order to adjust prices in the national and international market. All without losing the high quality of our products.


Own brand, Saffron Color®

Saffron Color® is the brand under which we find our 100% natural saffron extracts, which are obtained from the traditional saffron threads. Thanks to our research department we were able to create this own brand internationally registered PCT/ES2000/000099, where the product which it endorses is used as natural colorant agent and substitute of the saffron threads.

We have the only international patent for the extraction of the active ingredients of Saffron supported by the Spanish Government, the European Economic Community and the United States.

This saffron extract is obtained when extracting the active ingredients of saffron threads that we desire. The saffron extract Saffron Color® keeps the characteristics of color, flavor and aroma. The food colorant


Saffron Color® has only one characteristic, the color.

We are the only distributors in the world of Saffron Color® extract, a product with which we guarantee you being able to enjoy the properties and benefits of saffron but in a more economical way and with the guarantee and security that you are purchasing a 100% natural and quality product.

Why Saffron Family Spain, S.L?

There are several reasons why to choose Saffron Family Spain, S.L. within which we can stand out:

  • More than 20 years of experience in the production and commercialization of saffron.
  • We are leaders in the distribution of Saffron and its natural extracts.
  • We guarantee the highest quality at the most competitive prices in the market.
  • We have a foreign trade department specialized in the international trade of Saffron that knows all the necessary requirements in order to avoid problems at the destination country.
  • We guarantee 100% meeting the established delivery period.
  • The human team which forms Saffron Family Spain, S.L. is young, dynamic and professional and is able to assume big challenges.
  • We work continuously for the improvement and innovation of production and distribution of Saffron and its derivates thanks to our R&D department equipped with the best technology.
  • We have two own brands, Saffron Family® and Saffron Color®. They are internationally registered and guarantee the quality of our Saffron, its derivatives and our natural colorant agent that we produce and distribute.